Milford sound an unparalleled scenic wonder

Milford_SoundThere must be 8,000 attractions around the world that the local tourist board has dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world.”

However, British author Rudyard Kipling referred to the Milford Sound as such, thereby conferring a degree of objective credibility to the claim for New Zealand’s most famous travelers’ Mecca.

A trip to New Zealand without seeing the Sound would be like a trip to Bordeaux without sampling the wine. Indeed the Milford Sound and the 1,300,000-hectare (three million acres) Fiordland National Park in which it is situated is so awesome it justifies in itself a visit to this small country bulging with scenic wonders.

Remote Fiordland lies at the southwestern corner of the South Island and it is so rugged that some of its interior valleys have yet to be explored.

The ancient grandeur and immense proportions of Fiordland bear witness to the power of ice. Glaciers from ice ages past have gouged deep fiords and the many steep sided lakes, including Te Anau, the largest lake in the South Island and Manapouri at 480 meters (1,455 feet) the deepest and some consider the most beautiful lake in New Zealand. The vertical glacier-carved walls of Milford Sound are the tallest sea cliffs in the world.

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