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Outward Bound

Outward_BoundThis article first appeared in the February, 1982 edition of BC Outdoors magazine.

Seven of us trooped off the bus into the spectre grey of that January dusk. As we silently marched into the Outward Bound compound of A-frame bunkhouses, we must have looked like prisoners about to serve time. The Gulag Keremeous.

Inexplicably, nobody spoke. Then we were directed to our allotted bunkhouse, where we found two others who had arrived earlier from Toronto via Calgary and Penticton. This prompted introductions all around and the ice was broken.

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The writer after ski-ing down Three Brothers Mountain in Manning Park

We were awakened by the urgent grey flickering and twittering of the whiskey jacks, demanding some granola for their breakfast. I stirred reluctantly from my down cocoon, guessing the dawn temperature to be hovering around minus 30 degrees Celsius, and fired up the stove for some tea.

My son and I were camped halfway up the Windy Joe Trail in Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, 225 kilometers (140 miles) east of Vancouver.

Spring, summer, fall and winter, Manning Park has always been our favorite recreation area. With nearly 73,000 hectares (180,000 acres) of forest-clad mountains, deep valleys, sub alpine meadows and sun-dappled lakes, Manning Park offers visitors a vast selection of all season activities.

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